BASED IN USA-  American 


Principal speaking role in Batman v Superman,  a main villain in Gold Rush(2017) 

Special Skills   Academy of Soo Do Thai: Tang Soo do, Tae  Kwon do, Muay  Thai;   Low Winter Sun, Rev. Low Down/Poppa T Thug – ep’s 2-7 (AMC); Real Steel, DreamWorks – Dir. Shawn Levy, Finn’s Krooni, light combat with Kevin Durand; Transformers 3(Dark of The Moon), Paramount Pictures – Dir. Michael Bay, Dylan’s henchman, light combat with Shia Lebeouf  musician: drummer & bass guitarist, music producer & director, model: runway & print, basketball, football, weight training, tennis, swimming, motorcyclist, football, golf 

- Talent agency / Acting agency /Disabled Talent                



Training Accent for Actors, Phonetics I    The Actors Workshop – Corrine Barringer Scene Study and Character Development   The Actors Workshop – Brian Munoz The Art of Audition     Michigan Actors Studio – Rich Goteri Ring of Steel Stunt Club        stage combat, falling    Ring of Steel - Master Chris Barbeau Acting I       Michigan Actors Studio - Barton Bund Acting for Film I, II, III     Michigan Actors Studio - Richard D. Jewell Improv I       Michigan Actors Studio - Rachel Bellack Method Acting (continuous)     Michigan Actors Studio - Hobart Reynolds Shakespeare       Michigan Actors Studio - Barton Bund Nailing the Audition Workshop    Actorfest - Dayna Polehanki, CSA Cold Reading Technique     Steve Blackwood Tactical weapons training     Tactical Weapons for Film – Nathan Quinn Stage Combat      Michigan Actors Studio – Wayne David Parker Type your paragraph here.

Height:  6’ 2”  Suit: 48”L 

Hair: Bald     Weight:  220     Pant: 38’W, 34”L     Shirt: 17 ½” neck, 36/37”L Eyes: Dark brown